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Target Accepts Returns and Exchanges on Outgrown or Damaged Kids' Clothing

Target Retail Store. Target Sells Home Goods, Clothing and Electronics VI

Photo: Getty Images

I had heard this once before and completely forgot until I came across an article reminding me that Target will allow parents to return their children's outgrow Cat & Jack Clothes!

Yes, this is true.

  • Target offers one-year returns on owned-brand items, including the Cat & Jack children's clothing line. 
  • Some parents use the policy to get cash back or all-new outfits when their kids outgrow their clothes. 
  • While some retailers are introducing limits on returns, Target is trying to make the process even easier.

If you're a parent you know how fast kids grow and how much money is spent on trying to keep up, so this is something that can really help you out!

Returns without proof of purchase are capped at $100 per year, per customer but items with a receipt or purchased within the Target Circle are basically unrestricted!

I have yet to test it out for myself, but I plan on doing it and I'll update you! lol

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