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We Have Some News!

A Movie Premiere And Battling A 1-Year-Old

Sisanie had a BIG WEEK this week! She is in a MOVIE and had the premiere this week - and it officially comes out on HBO Max on Thanksgiving Day. Then we talk about figuring out your kids' interests, how she is battling with her 1-year-old Siveya, and how to help family members when it comes to Christmas gifts... and not doubling up!

T-Ball and Baseball and Leaps

It was a long weekend for Sisanie - a Dodgers fan who was broken-hearted. And between that, the kids' busy schedules and a fussy baby going through a leap, she needs to get a little off her chest. But hey, there is one silver lining from a family day out.

Omitting The Truth From Your Kids

Let's face it - sometimes as a parent you just have to omit the truth from your kids. And Sisanie did just that this weekend... about going to Disneyland. Plus, we talk about Maxon's first few tee ball games, Siveya's first steps and some TV and book recs.

A Little Vent Sesh

Sometimes, you just gotta vent it out! And today Sisanie is venting about... tee ball. Among other things! She also reveals what the family Halloween costume is set to be this year (because of course she has it planned out!) and answers your questions!

First Day Of Pre-K!

Somehow we blinked and the twins are officially in PRE K! And the summer is over. Sisanie shares how Aiza and Maxon's first week of pre-k is going, plus... this is the start of HOMEWORK? She also gives updates on how to balance a busy schedule and we get a little guest appearance from Michael!


Sisanie's daughter Siveya turned ONE yesterday!! Over the weekend they threw an incredibly birthday party for Siveya - and in today's episode, Sisanie breaks down the INCREDIBLE details and the teams behind it all. Happy birthday, Siveya!

To Cheer or Not To Cheer?

Should she or shouldn't she schedule a cake smash for baby Siveya's first birthday? Sisanie weighs the options as her first birthday approaches! Plus she talks about the twins going up a grade in pre school, whether or not she has decided to split them up, and if it is time to put the kids in cheerleading.

Getting Rid of Baby Items

Sisanie is having a hard time parting ways with some of Siveya's baby items! So moms - when did you know it was time to give certain things away?! Plus, Siveya is still holding out on saying one specific word as her first birthday approaches.

The Camping Recap And When A Baby Says Mama

So how did the camping trip REALLY go with Sisanie, her husband and their three kids? It sounds like... you're gonna want to listen to this one. Plus, Sisanie has some news, Siveya is getting closer to walking by the minute AND has she said "mama" yet!?