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We've Heard Of Dining In The Dark But Have You Heard Of Dining In The Nude?

Candlelight Dinner

Photo: Jackal Pan / Moment / Getty Images

Sooooo….. A there’s this dinner party in Los Angeles that is encouraging guests to dine completely naked!

It’s called Füde… (Like food and nude)

I guess this artist and chef, Charlie Ann Max has been doing these type of pop-ups in New York, San Francisco and here in L.A.

The latest Los Angeles experience is currently happening at a private house in the San Fernando Valley.

Guests arrive and strip completely naked, then there’s a breath-work class, followed by a plant-based meal.

The dinner is extremely exclusive and you can’t just make a simple reservation. There’s a long application process, you have to send a photo and they say no cis-gendered men can attend without a referral.

Apparently it’s like a big group therapy session, with diners discussing their fears, doubts and struggles with gender expectations and norms around the words ‘yes’ and ‘no,'” Harris wrote in her L.A. Times piece.

If you are permitted to attend, tickets start at $150 per person.

What do you think about this??

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