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Forget Honeymoons...This Is The Next New Travel Trend!

Gone are the days of waiting to get married to travel to your dream destination for that “honeymoon”. #MeMoons” aka a honeymoon to celebrate your love for you is the latest travel trend and I’m here for it!

It’s simple…a #memoon is when you stop waiting for the perfect relationship or opportunity for your dream trip, and you just take it yourself – aka a solo honeymoon!

Some may think it’s depressing, but every one of my friends who has done it says it felt empowering and it was the most fabulous, magical trip of their lives.

You could start small like a weekend trip to Santa Barbara and work your way up to an international vacation.

Some say it’s next level to take a trip where there’s no judgement of how long you sleep in, how many pictures you take or how long you spend shopping!

Am I selfish to wanna do this as a married woman and mom of 3?

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