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Have You Heard Of 'Second City' Travel??

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Summer is pretty much here and traveling in the summer can be expensive and crowded! So if you plan on traveling this summer but are on a budget, you should consider "Second City" travel!

Second-city travel means skipping the most popular city or region in an area and visiting the second, third, or fourth (and so on) most-known spots.

For example, instead of visiting Miami, you could visit Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach!

Second cities often have fewer crowds, are cheaper, and offer a more authentic experience.

They might not be an obvious choice but these under-the-radar destinations still offer enough attractions, food, and cultural experiences to make a wonderful vacation.

You will also discover hidden gems!

These trips can also provide opportunities to connect with locals and become immersed in the culture, which leads to a deeper understanding of the city.

I think this is a great tip!

I'd definitely consider doing this!

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