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This Store In Burbank Lets You Buy Clothes From TV Shows & Movies!

Film reel and movie clapper on wooden background

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Did you know this??

It's the only store in the world that sells clothing from movies and tv shows to the public and it’s called “It’s A Wrap!

· Every item has a tag with a code on it and in front of the store, there is a sheet of paper with every code that correlates to a show or movie.

· For example, if you saw a tag that said “BBL” you look at the paper and it would tell you that clothing item came from “Blue Bloods”.

· Sometimes they even have props you can purchase!

· Some of the clothing comes from older shows and movies and some are from some of your favorite current tv shows and movies!

· Some clothing comes from High School Musical, Hocus Pocus, Transformers, Blue Bloods, General Hospital, Grace and Frankie, Dancing with the stars, The Office, Baywatch The Movie and hundreds more!

It's definitely something to check out!

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