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Who Would Have Ever Thought "Clutter" Would Be In!

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Have you heard… minimalism is out?

Rooms bursting at the seams with clashing florals, colorful furniture, tons of knick-knacks and every inch of wall space covered is apparently where it’s at.

Cluttercore it’s a new interior trend!!!

Some say it’s a war between gen Z and millennials …symptomatic of bigger differences.

Others say it’s a pandemic response, where our homes became cuddly cocoons, stimulating our senses, connecting us with other people and places.

If you go on TikTok or Pinterest there are a bunch of examples of cluttercore ideas for your home! If that’s what you’re into...I guess if it's done right, maybe it could be cute?

Personally, clutter gives me anxiety! But as soon as I became a mom, I had to find a happy medium because kids have a lot of stuff! I’m still very Type A when it comes to their playroom and how I’ve organized all their toys in bins and as clutter free as possible. I don’t think I could ever go full cluttercore!

It's definitely a slippery slope… at what point does it not become hoarding???

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