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Instagram Is Being Sued For Being Too Addictive!

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We all do it. You go to your phone to look something up… maybe it’s an email but instead you find that you unlocked your phone and go straight to Instagram first. I do it all the time and I don’t even think about it.

Meta, AKA Instagram and Facebook, has been served with eight different lawsuits that argue the company deliberately adjusted its algorithm to hook young people.

Allegedly, Meta has invested billions of dollars to intentionally design their products to be addictive and encourages use they know will be problematic and highly detrimental to their users’ mental health.

But Meta claims they’ve developed parental control locks on its website for minors and warns against extended usage at a young age.

Evan so, the required age to use IG is 13!!!!

Meta has yet to respond publicly to the lawsuits, which were served over the weekend, but they may have their hands full with even more legal action should a new law in California go into effect that will allow parents of children under 18 to seek $25,000 for each violation if they can prove their children have been addicted to specific social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Do you think more and more of these lawsuits are going to pop up over time???

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