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Have You Heard About Gatekeeping?

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There’s a term on TikTok that has over 220 million views… #gatekeep or #gatekeeping!

Let me explain it to you…

Gatekeeping is when someone shows you a video but withholds information with the intention of keeping something exclusive.

You post a really dope restaurant but you don’t tag it because you want to keep it somewhat private.

Style enthusiasts will post their OOTD’s, describing their ‘fits as “thrifted,” “vintage,” or “no tags” to remain exclusive.

I think I naturally gatekeep but not on purpose.

I always get tons of DMs about where I got my outfits or places I visit or eat at. It’s a lot of work to tag everything and I can’t reply to everyone who asks me where I got a dress from…

Maybe I’ll just start using #gatekeeping and that solves it!

But Ryan, you are definitely not a gate-keeper! I noticed you tagged your whole outfit for Wango Tango on your IG! Cute!

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