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Everyone Is Talking About This Amazon Style Store At The Americana!

Store Clerk Handing Customer Purchased Items

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This is definitely on my “must visit ASAP” list! Amazon Style is now open at The Americana at Brand in Glendale.

And, you basically shop with QR codes!

Yes, I tried the Amazon Fresh grocery store…but this is next level.

It has crazy futuristic dressing rooms with secret doors that lock and unlock automatically!

It seems to have a very clean feeling because there’s just one of each item. So, you’re not messing with searching for different sizes or colors…everything has a QR code. You scan everything on your Amazon app.

You can send it directly to checkout but if you need to try it on, you can send it to a fitting room.

There’s about 40 fitting rooms that you unlock with your phone!

Once you’re in, all your items are already there plus a few suggestions Amazon’s algorithms think you might like. It’s like having a virtual stylist!

There’s also a touchscreen inside for when you want to request a different size or style.

Oh, and that secret door is basically a double-doored closet! That’s how the employees keep stocking your closet!

This is the future of clothes shopping!

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