Our Show's Personal Connection To This Photo Of Trash On The Train Tracks

You probably saw this story all over local news this past week …but it turns out we have a unique connection to it!

A photo went viral of thousands of Amazon and UPS packages opened and abandoned alongside train tracks in Downtown LA. If a package you ordered didn’t get to you…this may be why. If you're wondering where these packages are coming from, it is due to California being the biggest target of cargo thieves, who open packages and leave the garbage behind.

Enough people saw this know well-known photo of the garbage around the trains that local news picked up on it…and reported on it. Union Pacific railroad said it has seen an increase in theft the last few months, and while they are adding more agents to deal with it… they still need help from local law enforcement.

See the photo below:

So what is our connection to the person who started the whole thing… the person who took that picture in the first place, which in turn got everyone talking? The person who took the photo is none other than Patty’s brother, Oscar!

Beyond this photos, things got serious with the train tracks because a few days ago, a train derailed in that exact area. It is possibly because of all the garbage and debris on the tracks! Which makes sense, how can a train run safely with all that garbage. Luckily, no one was injured, but finally, people are down there cleaning up the mess.

What an incredible photo, Oscar! Thank you for sharing it and inspiring change.

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Thumbnail photo: Getty Images

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