TikTok Wants To Help Gen Z Find Jobs With New Service


If you were looking to recruit Gen Z'ers for jobs, where would you go?

Well, soon the answer to that question may be: directly to the source, TikTok!

Yep, the extremely addicting social media brand is testing a new feature that would help connect job openings and Gen Z! The tool is currently just in pilot program, and it is reportedly meant to help brands use TikTok for recruiting - and if you're looking for content creators for your business, what better place to look that THE place of content creation?!

TikTok is testing the service with a beta group of companies, but the tool is not within the TikTok app itself, but rather a separate web page that you can access through the app where brands can post jobs. It is aimed specifically at companies hiring entry level positions, since that is the group that is generally on TikTok (of COURSE there are some people on TikTok that are very established in their careers! But this is geared directly toward Gen Z.)

What is so cool about the tool is that those who are applying for jobs through the site can upload a TikTok video resume, rather than a traditional resume. Basically, users are encouraged to use the video feature to get creative in how to showcase their work experience or give their elevator pitch to companies about why they should be hired.

The idea for the new tool is said to have come from TikTok users actually using the content site to share career advice! And this is what I love about TikTok! They're not afraid to adapt or create new tools to help their users get the content - or the jobs - that they want! I am so interested to see how this career site does and really hope it helps Gen Z get into the work force.

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