Katy Perry Shares New Appreciation For Nurses After Pandemic Pregnancy

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I think if there is one thing we have all collectively realized throughout this pandemic, it is that nurses deserve so much more recognition that they had been given.

And Katy Perry recently opened up about her deep appreciation for nurses after having been pregnant and given birth to her baby girl during the pandemic.

Speaking about her first pregnancy, PEOPLE reported that Katy said: "I had never experienced nurses because I'd never been to the hospital. I had no idea how to surrender, but you definitely have to surrender after you have a baby. I didn't know what I was surrendering into — I just did, and I was like, 'Wow, these nurses are literally angels."

You definitely need all the help you can get in those first hours after giving birth, and it's true, we would be so lost without nurses! I think back to my own C-section and how one of my twins went to the NICU. I knew my baby was being taken care of and I knew I was being taken care of because of the incredible nurses (and my husband, of course!).

When Katy welcomed her daughter, Daisy Dove with her fiance Orlando Bloom, she was also in the midst of a pandemic and had to trust in the nurses even more.

She went on about the experience: "I really thought it was amazing that there were actually such incredible selfless angels out there that are working in healthcare. It was so positive... They've been under a lot of intense stress."

So Katy knows better than just about anyone how important healthcare workers are. And because of her personal experience, she is honoring healthcare workers over Memorial Day weekend. Katy will be performing for healthcare workers and military heroes as part of Northwell Health's Side by Side: A Celebration of Service event. The performance airs May 31 at 7 p.m. EST on the healthcare provider's YouTube channel.

LOVE you Katy for always shouting out those who work extremely hard for less recognition!

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