You Could Win A Replica Of Joe Jonas' Hand For Traveling

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If you're a nervous traveler and you've ever been flying and thought "wow, I wish I could hold Joe Jonas's hand right now..." Well, I guess you're not the only person who has ever thought of that. Because Expedia had a genius idea for nervous travelers.

The travel booking site announced they will be giving away 250 replica of Joe Jonas' hand to nervous travelers.

And I am not making that up.

Earlier this week, Expedia released a travel report that detailed exactly how Americans are feeling about returning to travel as the pandemic allows for more things opening and for travel to resume. And as it turns out, 80% of American adults feel stressed about booking international trips more so now than they did before the pandemic.

So this is where Joe Jonas' hand comes into play.

Expedia is giving away 250 replicas of pop star's hand to symbolize the company's "new commitment to being the ultimate travel companion"!

And don't worry, Joe is totally in on the whole thing. Expedia is creating the hands using stereolithography technology and a 3D printer, and then each hand has been painted with custom artwork, numbered, and SIGNED by Joe himself.

Can you imagine feeling nervous and holding Joe Jonas' literal hand (well, kind of) while flying?! I'm not sure if anyone will ACTUALLY take these hand replicas on flights with them - I mean, they're pretty one of a kind and you wouldn't want it to get damaged or lost! - but the idea is genius.

The enter to win one of these extremely limited hands, enter here.

And if you don't win one of Joe's hands, well, hopefully you can find another travel companion so you can start getting out there soon!

Where are you going first when you start traveling again?!

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