Could The COVID Vaccine Eventually Be As Simple As... Nasal Spray?


Getting the COVID-19 vaccine shot wasn't what I would call *comfortable* but I would definitely call it worth it!

But what if in the future, when we have to get "booster" shots (as they expect we will need!) we don't have to actually get a shot at all. And in fact, we could take a PILL or get a NASAL spray for it??

It turns out, scientists are working on the next generation of Covid-19 vaccines... and they’re saying they could come as a pill or a nasal spray and be easier to store and transport than the current handful of shots we have now.

These newer vaccines also have the potential to provide longer-lasting immune responses and be more potent against newer and multiple viral variants, possibly helping to head off future pandemics.

And this is just the beginning!! We will see second-generation, third-generation vaccines... so there's no telling how we will get the vaccine in the future.

There are 277 Covid-19 vaccines in development globally, of which 93 have entered human testing. Most of the vaccines in clinical testing are injected, but there are two oral formulations and seven nasal-spray formulations.

Given the choice which would you prefer? I definitely will take whatever is most effective and prevent the pandemic from returning, but if we could avoid the intense side effects that I had after my second shot, that would be GREAT! But again, if it keeps us healthy and safe, I would definitely take the side effects for one day, rather than another year plus of quarantine.

Many of the next-generation vaccines are in the early-to-middle phase of human testing, which means they may not become available until later in 2021 or in 2022.

We don't know exactly how long the current vaccine will "last" so these new versions of the vaccine could be available by the time we have to get the next round... we will just have to wait and see!

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