Do You Lie About Event Start Times To Your Tardy Friends? You're Not Alone!

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We all have a friend (or more) who are known for always being late, right? Right.

And if you don't HAVE that friend, you might BE that friend.

But with those people in your life, do you lie to them about what time an event starts, just to make sure they will actually arrive on time? If you do lie about the event start time, you're definitely not the only one.

It turns out, over 40% of people will lie to their tardy friends about when things start just to try and get them to show up somewhat on time.

PEOPLE reported on the study, which has some suuuper interesting finds.

People feel stressed if they are 10 minutes late for a social gathering or meeting, and anything past 13 minutes after start time is considered "late." Many people feel that being early is "on time" - I assume this is when it comes to meetings - and over half of Americans believe that they obsessed with timekeeping.

I wouldn't consider myself notoriously late, but I don't think I am obsessed with time keeping at all. That may be due to being a parent! Sometimes, no matter how much you plan, the kids really end up dictating if you leave on time or not. As they get older it gets a liiiittle easier to get out of the door... but we're about to throw another kid into the mix and at the point, if I'm late, just let me have this one!

What was also interesting from this study is that apparently the pandemic has made people "live slower." And 55% of people have enjoyed not having the pressure of being somewhere on time - or really of being anywhere at all.

It will be interesting to see what happens as things come back! Will we all be extremely late to parties, sporting events and concerts? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

How late is TOO late in your mind?? Yap with me below!

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