Twinning With Sisanie: Aiza and Maxon's Reactions To Becoming Big Siblings

I thought things were hectic around here with the twins... and now that we know, and you know, and the KIDS know that we're having another baby, it's gotten even CRAZIER!

While I don't think Aiza and Maxon totally get the concept of another baby coming into the family, I know they kiiind of understand that I'm pregnant. And we did do a big reveal for them that it's a baby GIRL! Tanya Rad actually made us the cake for the reveal and we cut it to show them if they were getting a brother or sister and it was SOOO sweet, especially Maxon's reaction. Although, he may have just been cheering for the candy that was coming out of the cake..

Now that it's aaaall out there, I've noticed Aiza especially has become SO attached to me! She wants to color next to mommy, lay with mommy, sit by mommy... and she was kind of like that before, but now its ALL the time.

I think maybe she knows I am pregnant and maybe senses that it is also a girl?? I honestly have no scientific reasoning for it, but I will soak it up as long as it lasts!

This week on the podcast we talked all about how our family is preparing for baby #3 (or how we plan to prepare... I'll be honest, I haven't done a ton yet other than take care of my body!!) Listen to the latest episode below!

And if you have any questions OR advice for me that we can dive into in NEXT week's podcast - leave me a Yap below!! All you have to do to leave an audio or video message is log in with an already-existing Facebook or Google account and then record your question or piece of advice for me.

And let's face it, us moms are all in this together!

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