Dua Lipa Talks Releasing Album In A Pandemic On 'Hot Ones'

Z100's Jingle Ball 2018 - Show

Z100's Jingle Ball 2018 - Show

If you've ever seen 'Hot Ones' by First We Feast on YouTube, you know that it involves the celebrity guest eating a series of EXTREMELY hot sauces on chicken wings while answering questions about their life and career.

Dua Lipa was the latest celeb to step up to the challenge and things definitely got REALLY, REALLY spicy. There's no way I could ever get through this challenge... I'm not even confident I would make it through the second sauce.

Dua DID make it through much more than the second sauce, but on the very first question, the show's host, Sean Evans asked Dua about her experience releasing an album right at the beginning of the pandemic (which we are currently still living in.)

Sean asked specifically if there was anything she was extremely stressed over at the time of the release, that turned out to not be a big deal.

Dua responded, "would anyone care? Is this a good time to put it out? There's so much, like, suffering going on in the world."

But she also said in the end, "I also realized that I wrote this album to get away from any outside pressures, anything that was kind of going on in the world... to put it behind us and just dance."

During the interview, Sean also told Dua that he had discovered her former fashion blog that she wrote in her school days - and her reaction is hilarious.

Watch the entire Hot Ones episode here, but get ready to want chicken wings after:

OOH! That moment when she starts sweating under her eyes... you can FEEL the heat from that hot sauce!! Do you ever think you could complete the hot sauce challenge?? Scroll down to Yap me below!

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