Katy Perry Talks About How Pregnancy Has Made Her Grateful For Her Body

Katy Perry Performs Fight On Concert For Firefighters And Bushfire Victims In Regional Victoria

Katy Perry Performs Fight On Concert For Firefighters And Bushfire Victims In Regional Victoria

Sometimes people just don't talk about the honest side of the pregnancy - like the fact that you feel exhausted, and sick and swollen for a lot of the pregnancy - but then there are stars like Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry who keep things SO real.

If you recall, during Jessica Simpson's last pregnancy, she regularly posted photos of her swollen feet and even shared a snap of a broken toilet seat. And women NEED to see some of these (sometimes hilarious) realities of what our bodies endure while creating another human life - or two.

As for Katy Perry, she is due any day now with her first child - a girl with fiance Orlando Bloom.

She recently opened up about her experience with pregnancy and revealed that while she certainly has been experiencing some of the swelling and pains that come along with being ALMOST THERE, she also is grateful for her body.

Katy revealed she wears sandals everywhere. "My hands are swollen, my feet are starting to swell... It's starting to get to that point."

But she wouldn't want that to be taken as her being unhappy with being pregnant.

She shared: "I’m really grateful for my body and I have so much respect for other women going through this process. You get a whole new viewpoint being pregnant."

And GIRLLLL can I relate!! Being pregnant with twins was definitely a challenge. By the time we were close to their due date, I felt like I couldn't sleep, sit down, get up, or walk around without some part of my body being in pain. But I also knew how incredible it was that a woman's body can grow human life!

So if we have to wear sandals everywhere we go - so be it. Katy, you get a free pass for sandals or whatever else you need to be comfortable while you're pregnant! Plus, we're still in them midst of a pandemic, so wear whatever makes you comfortable allll the time at home.

What was the hardest part about being pregnant for you? And what made you grateful for your body throughout?! Tell me on Yappa below!

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