Crayola Releases New Face Masks For Kids, Parents And Teachers

Binney and Smith Celebrates 100 Years Of Crayola

Binney and Smith Celebrates 100 Years Of Crayola

If you've been searching for the perfect face masks for your kids - especially as we find that this pandemic isn't going anywhere for a while - well, I have the perfect solution for you.

Crayola released a line of reusable face masks for kids, parents AND teachers, and they're perfect for getting your kids a little more excited about wearing masks while our in public.

Here in LA, our kids won't be heading back to school just yet - but eventually when they *do* return to school, they will need face coverings to stay safe and healthy.

The Crayola masks are in collaboration with face mask company School MaskPack. They come in a pack of FIVE masks, as well, so when your kids go back to school they have a new mask for every day of the school week (which is great because, we should be washing our cloth masks between each use!)

The masks come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can get your kid the pack they are most excited about and hopefully encourage them to KEEP THEM ON! The masks feature name tags, adjustable ear straps, and a nose wire and come with a mesh laundry bag. Crayola really thought through everything.

Just a note: the masks are available for preorder on Amazon now and will start shipping on July 31st. So you can have your new Crayola masks by early August!

I know getting kids to wear masks can be tricky, but my biggest suggestion is normalize the masks at home, wear them in front of your kids, and just remind them that they're important! Also, get designs and colors that your kids like.

Anyone else have advice for getting your kids to wear their masks?? Yap your advice below!

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