New Study Shows Parents Have Favorites, And Sometimes Its The Family Pet


Have you ever wondered if you parents love the family dog more than they love you?

Well, according to a new study, they just might!

New research is showing that it's not only possible for parents to favor the family pet over their own children, but it's actually a lot more likely than you realize. And it's so funny to me.

A survey was done by One Poll and pet food company I and Love and You that showed just how much parents pick their cat or dog (or whatever other family pet you may have) over the kids.

2,000 pet owners were surveyed and a whopping 34 percent picked the furry friends over the tiny humans in the household.

I think it's likely that this isn't the case for people with babies (they take up so much of our time I don't know how you even have time to think about which you favor?!) but I guess I get it as the kids get older and start talking back and don't want to cuddle anymore.

But of course, there's nothing like the love of a parent for their kids, so I have to think this survey is a little bit inaccurate.

The survey does make more sense when you put things into context with other findings: 78 percent those surveyed saw their animal as a member of the family, and 67 percent of respondents described their animal as their BFF.

It makes sense. Dakota and Gypsy are absolutely a part of my family (though I recently explained on my podcast that I find myself having such a hard time giving them all the attention they need with my twins running around!)

While I wouldn't say I favor my dogs over my kids, I also understand why people feel the way they do about their pets. When I first got Dakota she went EVERYWHERE with me and before Michael and I had the twins the dogs were our kids!

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