You Need To See Kim Kardashian Play 'Show Me Your Phone' With Jimmy Fallon

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Never did I think we would see the day where Kim Kardashian gave up power to her phone and let someone go through her texts. But alas, if anyone is going to get it done, it's Jimmy Fallon.

Kim was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, and during the appearance she showed Jimmy the ultimate level of trust: handing over her phone.

The game is officially called "Show Me Your Phone" and has a button that randomly selects the app on the celeb's phone that they then have to share something from.

Kim claims she DID NOT clean out her phone in anticipation of the game, and then revealed text messages with her husband Kanye West as part of her side of the deal.

Watch the video below and get ready to "awww" at Kim and Kanye's relationship.


Kim's text that she showed from Kanye was actually SO sweet. And confirmed that the family had just bought a (giant) ranch in Wyoming that will "mean so much" to them in years to come.

Kim also confirmed that she and Kanye are thinking about moving to Wyoming, but of course, not permanently.

The rest of the game included a very strange and hilarious voice memo from Jimmy's phone, as well as Kim's latest Google search... which asked about a shape wear "pee hole". Which is HILARIOUS.

But also, Kim has a point, IS shape wear with a "pee hole" better, or is it better just to have to take it off and put it back on??

The game also revealed that Kim doesn't even have a voicemail. And Jimmy was SHOOK by that concept. But, you know, you would be too if Lin Manuel Miranda was rapping your voicemail greeting message.

Ahhh, so good.

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