This Is The Reason People Are Obsessed With Pumpkin-Themed Things



When summer starts winding down and people start sipping on their Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks - why is it that all we want to do is run around a pumpkin patch and bake pumpkin-flavored breads, scones and muffins?

Well, if you're someone who is fully obsessed with everything pumpkin, you can actually blame science. Because there's a reason you're so obsessed with the scent, taste and sight of pumpkins.

And it's all about the nostalgic feelings that come with fall.

According to psychologist and licensed clinical social worker, Dr. Danielle Forshee, people feel strongly connected to pumpkins because we fell strongly connected to the fall season itself. And, you know, the pumpkin is the biggest symbol used for this time of year.

Most people have really fond memories from fall time - like going back to school, high school football games, getting ready for the holidays, you know, all of that fun stuff. So it makes sense that once the kids are back in school and the evenings start to get a little cooler (or at least, in the rest of the country they do!), we start thinking about fall and all that comes with it.

And there fore, we think about pumpkins. And somehow that makes us incredible happy and nostalgic.

Because so many fall activities involve spending time with people we love, those memories are called "novel experiences" and are anything outside of the norm. Basically they bring on more happy feelings than any other experiences. And therefore, people drink pumpkin spice lattes and eat pumpkin baked goods to remind them of the good ole days.

I'm not a PSL fan, but hey, I get the happy feelings that come along with thinking about hitting up the pumpkin patch! And I'll absolutely be taking Aiza and Maxon to pick out pumpkins again this year at the same place we went last year!

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