Would You Ever Wear This New Big Toe Shoe Trend?

Not to be blunt, but "ugly" shoes are kind of a thing right now.

And look, to each their own! But, personally, I'm just not into the clunky sandals that look like they're made for hiking or anything along those lines.

And I'm DEFINITELY not down with the new trend which is heels focused all around... the big toe... if you're confused what I mean, Allow me to explain.

There is a new fad right now where people are wearing shoes that only have a big toe as a peep toe. It's incredibly odd. Other versions of the shoe feature only the big toe covered, and the rest of the toes exposed. It's honestly a lot to take in. Because WHY?

Refinery29 rounded up some of the most bizarre looks of this new... big toe peep toe? And you're just going to need to take a look for yourself.

Refinery29 is actually referring to these shoes as a trend, but I'm not sure if qualifies as a trend until people are actually wearing these shoes out and about. And I can say I have NEVER seen these shoes out in the wild. I think if I did I would be very alarmed.

There's even a style now that looks like a camel's hoof. And I'm just not following this.

These shoes actually look pretty uncomfortable to me. But maybe I'm just not with the trends?!

Would you rock one of these strange big-toe-only peep-toe shoes? Or a camel's foot boot? Even the sandals that only wrap around the big toe really stress me out. It seems SO strange to highlight just the one toe... which is arguably the least attractive toe on your foot! I don't see a scenario where I wear close-toed shoes with just my big toe out.

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Photos: Refinery29

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