'Bachelor In Paradise' Newlyweds Chris and Krystal Are 'Rooting For Twins'

On Tuesday night we watched Chris Randone and Krystal Nielsen from Bachelor In Paradise get married... with a portion of their wedding televised on, you guessed it, BiP.

The couple met last summer on the Bachelor spinoff show that sends singles who did not end up with the lead on their respective seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, and while fans were unsure at first if the couple was actually the real deal, they proved pretty quickly that they were both in it for the long haul.

Chris proposed to Krystal on the season finale of the show last summer, and the couple quickly started planning their wedding. Well, Chris and Krystal got married mid-June... and then we all saw it on TV this week.

Of course the question that always follows once a couple gets married is "so when are you going to have kids?" and while I really wish we would all slow our roll on using that question, this couple was clearly unbothered by it and gave a super honest answer about their hopes for having kids.

And it's SOON.

When asked on PEOPLE Now if they were thinking about having kids soon, the pair shared that while they're not trying yet, they are going to start thinking about it in 2020.

Chris shared, "I would say 2020... for the rest of the year, we're going to continue this growth and development we have individually to make us the strongest union possible."

And then, when asked if they were on the same page for the NUMBER of kids they want, they both paused before Krystal said:

"We're rooting for twins!"

While you typically cannot just "hope" for twins (although, I pretty much did that and it worked!), it turns out Chris and Krystal have twins in their families. Krystal is a twin herself, and Chris has them in his family. So it's actually REALLY possible that the couple could have twins!

And of course I have to agree: twin life is the BEST life!

Good luck to Chris and Krystal as they prepare to become a family. What an exciting time!

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