Gisele Bundchen Admits There's No 'Secret' To Relationship With Tom Brady

When there's a super successful celebrity relationship, people often wonder what their "secret" is - because they have to have one, right?

Turns out, according to Gisele Bundchen anyway, that there really isn't a secret that makes it all work.

Gisele and Tom Brady have been married in February 2009, have two children together, and are kind of the dream couple. Tom also has a son from a previous relationship who spend a lot of time with Tom and Gisele's kids and family as well. 

Seriously, I know everything is not what it seems like, but they really seem to be like such a GREAT couple.

So what makes it work, if there's no secret?

Talking with Arianna Huffington during an interview for an upcoming episode of the Thrive Global podcast, Gisele said:

“I think it’s important to honor each other for who we are, and to not try to change the other. Just to fully accept each other."

She continued:

“I think it’s important to always keep the communication also loving and respectful and current... I’m not going to talk about something that happened, you know a year ago. We address it, and then we let it go. Because I think with acceptance comes freedom.”

I think that bit of advice is something all couples could really benefit from - of course people are going to fight and you'll have your differences in a relationship, but if you talk about an issue, you have to just let it go. Let's face it, if we all kept going back to issues from years past, even though we had addressed them and solved them, then we would never get anywhere.

Another incredible tid bit fro the interview? 

“When someone you love is happy, it makes you happy, or if they’re sad it makes you sad. You suffer with them and you have joy with them.”

This is how every relationship should be. 

I feel like we all could take notes from this adorable family, right?

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