YouTube Star Nicole Arbour Recieves Backlash For This Is America

posted by AP - @AlexNPittman -

Childish Gambino's This Is America is one of the introspective music video's of this time and Nicole Arbour, Youtube Star, decided she was going to make a "women's edit" of the single.

Ctrl-Alt-Del #thisisamerica #womensversion #nicolearbour #wtf #imonyoass we can’t have nothing to ourselves...why can’t u just go remake a Taylor Swift song?👋🏾 don’t even say “women’s addition” cuz I’m not siding wit u🙄 just leave it alone. #childishgambino #donaldglover did it FIRST 😂 #thoughts ? I wanna know wat y’all think 🐒 the choreography was trash 🚮 singing was trash 🚮but I do like her jeans🙊 but REAL #feminist should be triggered.

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Twitter is not having this reamake...



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