Shondaland Just Got 19 Degrees Hotter!

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 Station 19 Edition🔥👩🏽‍🚒

Your #TGIT just got hotter!

Grey's fans first met Andy Herrera when she an ER resident discovered her with her hand in a patient's body. [Ummm...isn't that what happened to Meredith in season 2?]

But this bad-a** firefighter, as ABC describes her, did not back down; from what we see in the pilot, it seems like backing down is not in her playbook.

But will Shondaland resident fans love this show as much as they love Grey's, or Private Practice, or Scandal. [We didn't forget about you Viola Davis! We know you're killin' it over on How To Get Away With Murder!]

Station 19 not only has hero's without capes, but it seems to also have a newer version of the dark and twisty sisters, Meredith and Christina. 

And actual Miranda Bailey. 

Which means one thing: SO MANY CROSSOVERS.

The answer to the previous question, is a definite yes. The fans LOVE IT.

#TGIT is going strong! Station 19's season finale date has been announced. Make sure you have the wine [or beer if you're more into that] ready!

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Grey's Anatomy Is The New Hunger Games

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