Grey's Anatomy Is The New Hunger Games


This show drops actors like teams in The Hunger Games.

The FOURTEENTH, yes I said FOURTEENTH, season of Grey's is almost half way through and our hearts are already broken. 

Two of the series regulars will not be returning for the fifteenth season, if they get renewed. (But you know there's going to be a fifteenth season cause this show will never end...)


After the abrupt change, both Sarah and Jessica had sent out sentiments to their fans.


April Kepner and Arizona Robins are beloved with in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital fandom. But, also, who from the original cast is still on this show?

The only people from the original cast are Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey, and Richard Webber. (Not including the best character on this show, Addison Montgomery, who also left. 😒

By the end of this show, they're going to have a completely new cast. 

It's like ER 2.0. 


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