Natty Boh has made a MD-style comeback in the best way!



The Baltimore Sun reported that the Maryland loved beer company has put out their first new beer in 30 years and the flavor is the best part: OLD BAY....just kidding. It's a shandy, which is still summery!

At 4.2 percent ABV, National Bohemian’s shandy is a golden-colored, light-bodied lager with prominent notes of orange peel and lemon zest, Molloy said. It was not made with lemonade, nor does it contain crab spice, which people might expect from the crab displayed on the can, he said

The beer will be sold in Maryland, of course, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. 

The internet is very happy!


Crabs, Bohs, and soon the O's! It's almost the best time of the year!


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