International Women's Day is March 8th


On January 21, 2017, the world saw just how female the future will be!

2018 will be the year of women

2018 started out strong for women with the #MeToo movement started by Turana Burke, the Time's Up movement started by women in entertainment, and the political climate is rapidly becoming female. AND WE'RE NOT STOPPING.

If you're looking for a way to celebrate and honor feminism, equality, and representation, you can visit the International Women's Day website. 

When you click on the events tab, you can type in any location to find a march, or campaign, or petition, in your local area. 

An important event in DC is the #PressforProgress networking event for women.

Source: It's Time to Roar

"FINCA Impact Finance - a global provider of responsible financial services driven to empower women with access to financial solutions - invites you to our third annual International Women’s Day event.

This lively debate and call to action will grapple with a question that we must urgently answer:  how can we close the gender gap faster?"

Need something cute to wear that also empowers you?

Source: Old Navy

Source: H&M

Source: Time's Up

Celebrate yourself and love yourself this Women's Day!


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