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Are You Prepared For Gen Z's Version Of This Popular Trend?

Women's summer straw hat, wicker bag, white sundress, sunglasses and jewelry on a beige background. Copy space. Top view

Photo: Olga Peshkova / iStock / Getty Images

It’s “sundress season,” but no one seems to be able to articulate what defines a “sundress.” A group of men took to TikTok to celebrate the rising hemlines that accompany warmer weather, specifically citing sundresses as the best part of summer.

Guys, they weren’t lying, the hype is real, it’s sundress season says tiktoker Sam. In his TikTok sam is seen pulling his sundress-clad wife, Jess, into the frame and spinning her around. He continues to say "If you’re a lady watching this, do your man a favor,” he added. “Buy them all.” Viewers were quick to question the men, asking exactly what kind of garment the men of TikTok were referring to.

After Sam posted his thoughts to TikTok, girls everywhere went crazy trying to figure out what he means by a "sundress". Lots of the girls claimed that men want a sundress but don't know what that means exactly.

One girl even posted that she put on a traditional sundress on and her boyfriend did not approve, instead of a traditional sundress that fits loosely and flows in the wind, he was expecting a long maxi tight bodycon dress.

Now to settle the debate, women commented what their significant others thought a sundress meant and the results will shock you!

“My husband said above the knee, flowy, flowers,'” one woman wrote, another woman wrote "Sundress = Maxidress; the long dresses that are not too tight, not too loose, fits JUST right. Not too dressy, not too casual. Can wear sneakers, sandals, or heels with it,” someone else disagreed.

Some people are saying a sundress is a long dress and I always thought sundresses were short a confused viewer chimed in.

What do you guys think? What's your definition of a "sundress"? DM us on socials @YMSRadio with your thoughts!

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