Sleeping In Separate Beds Could Boost Intimacy With Your Partner

Young couple hiding under bedclothes

Photo: Getty Images

Do you sleep in a separate bed or room than your partner does? Turns out several experts actually think sleeping separately could help improve the romance in your relationship with your partner.

Oddly enough, the conversation all started thanks to a woman who posted on TikTok claiming she slept in a different bed from her husband and claiming that it improved their sex life with one another.

Apparently her husband's snoring was keeping her up, which is why she decided to move, but several experts claim that a "bedroom breakup" can not only increase the quality of your sleep, but make you want to be with your partner more when you're awake.

You can see the initial TikTok that started it all below and just know that if your partner wants to sleep separately from you that it isn't necessarily a bad thing!

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