Drunk Woman Grabbed Car Handbook Instead of Her Clutch From Friends' car

We've all been there after a night of drinking... you forget your purse, your lose your keys, you grab someone's coat by mistake. But this story takes the cake.

One woman is going viral because woke up to find her clutch bag was missing. She had gotten a ride home from a friends mom and she knows she had her purse when she got the ride.

But when she left the car, instead of grabbing her purse, she grabbed the cars handbook-- you know the one that's usually in the glove compartment & in a pleather case.

The woman's sister Rebekka shared the story on Twitter & posted the picture of the Nissan pouch with the handbook inside.

People are now sharing drunk stories of things they accidentally brought home, like the woman who took home a hanging basket and left her bag outside of a pub.

What did you do drunk?

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