Woman Rants to Friends During Work Call, But Left Her Mic On.

Well this is awkward.

Alexandra Ceberio shared a video on TikTok of "Fit Checks" she had been sending to her friends during her first week of a new sales job. In the video, which was her second day on the job, she forgot to mute her mic on a Zoom work training session while she complained about how she got all dressed up and everyone had their cameras off.

Her reaction when he co-worker lets her know they can hear everything is priceless.


Alex told BuzzFeed News that when she filmed the video for her friends they were on break. Luckily her boss or anyone important wasn't on at that time.

She said, "After the video ended I muted myself, and literally tried to change my voice for the rest of the call. I did not speak unless I was spoken to."

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