Nearly 23% of Americans Have Gotten Busy On Public Transportation

Have you ever done the deed, if you will, on public transportation?

According to a study from The Vacationer, almost 23% of Americans have engaged in sexual activity while on public transportation. That includes on a plane, bus, train, taxi/rideshare or ferry. Some people have admitted to doing it on more that one of those places.

Plane was the most popular out of those listed with 11.6% admitting to joining the mile high club.

followed by:

Train or Subway. — 9.2%

Bus. — 8%

Ferry, Passenger Ship, or Water Taxi. (Not a Cruise Ship) — 6.2%

Taxicab or Rideshare. — 5.6%

The study also found that 28.6% of people have had a one night stand while on vacation, while 71.40% have not.

Read more about the study HERE

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