He Hid The Ring! - War Of The Roses

Stephanie and Jim have been together for about fourteen months after they first started dating before the pandemic and kept dating throughout it. The other day Stephanie wanted to help Jim out and she decided to put some of his clothes away. When she was putting things away she found a ring in his sock drawer and when she asked about it, Jim said it was from his grandfather to propose to his future-wife. However, when Stephanie went back to look at it the next day, she couldn’t find the ring. Stephanie tried to be sneaky and asked Jim’s friend about the ring and he was very passive-aggressive about everything and said to talk to Jim.

We call Jim pretending to send him a free bouquet of flowers and when we ask him as to who he wants them sent to, Jim asks if they can be sent to someone named “Claire” who he claims is his fiancé! Find out what‘s really going on in today’s all NEW War of the Roses!