He Used My Points For A Hotel! - War Of The Roses

Mary and Justin have been dating for the past three years and both moved to the DMV two years ago. Currently Justin is on a Spring Break and visiting his family, but Mary just got a confirmation for a hotel where Justin used her points to book a hotel and he’s been there the entire week. Mary is a little confused as to why Justin didn’t stay with his family or friends, but she’s starting to think he might be seeing someone back home.

We call Justin’s hotel to try and call Justin’s room and pretend we work for the hotel. When we do call Justin’s room we pretend that we’re offering him free flowers because he registered as an honors member. We ask Justin as to who he wants the flowers send to and Justin asks if they can be left in the room for his “special guest” that is visiting. Find out what‘s really going on in today’s all NEW War of the Roses!