Washington Football Team Is Replacing Cheerleaders With Coed Dance Squad

Get ready for another BIG change to happen to the Washington Football Team because the team's cheerleaders will be replaced by a coed dance team during the offseason.

Washington will not have cheerleaders for the first time since 1962 as part of the team's rebranding efforts, which also included hiring former Laker Girl manager Petra Pope to serve as an advisor for the coed dance team.

Earlier this week Washington made Joey Colby-Begovich vice president of gameday experience, and Pope will be in charge of forming and naming the new dance team, but as of right now it looks like none of the former cheerleaders will be given any job security.

The team has said that if any of the previous members of the cheerleading team wish to join the coed dance squad that they can audition to join.

What do you think about the team's rebranding move? Should this have been executed after the name-change? Let us know in the comments!


Photo Credit: Getty Images