A Man Built An Island To Try And Win His Ex Back

We've seen a TON of dudes trying to win their partner back with a romantic gesture, but this guy takes the top spot because he built a private island for his ex to win her back!

The private island was built by a 30-year-old man known only by his last name Xu near the south Chinese province of Guangdong and he apparently used ALL of his savings to try and win his ex back.

The couple originally called it quits after Xu moved to his hometown to take care of his elderly parents, while his girlfriend stayed in the city and Xu decided to spend over 100,000 yuan to give a makeover to a deserted island.

The island, which you can see photos of HERE, is covered in pink vegetation, his ex's favorite color, and even has a swing built for two in the middle of the island, but somehow Xu's ex refused to get back together with him!

She either moved on quickly or Xu did something even worse that we don't know about if he got turned down for this!