Vegan Food Company Will Pay Meat Eaters $68,000 To Go Vegan For 3 Months

Turns out that a TON of companies want you to try and go vegan because another vegan food company wants to pay meat eaters $68,000 to go vegan for three months!

Vibrant Vegan recently announced that it is on the lookout for a "Vegan Curious Coordinator" who is a "die-hard meat-eater willing to experience an exclusively vegan lifestyle for at least three months."

You'll have to sign a contract, pledging to not consume any animal-based foods during the three-month trial, while at the same time encouraging others to give veganism a go on social media and if you can pull it off, you'll be rewarded with a $68,000 salary!I

If the selected Vegan Curious Coordinator respects the contract, they will be asked if they wish to stay vegan for the rest of 2021. If the answer is ‘yes’, Vibrant Vegan will supply them with $136,00 worth of vegan meals to last them a ‘lifetime’, on condition that they prove their pledge with social media posts and a food diary.

The Vegan Curious Coordinator will be announced on January 25, and their three-month vegan trial will begin on February 1 and if you want to apply you can go HERE!

(Oddity Central)

Photo Credit: Getty Images