A Drunk Couple Attempted The Move From "Dirty Dancing" And Failed Horribly

Just a word to the wise that if you're going to recreate any famous scenes from movies to make sure you're not completely drunk, which this couple learned the hard way!

An intoxicated dance teacher figured this out after she landed horribly on her head while trying to recreate the iconic lift from Dirty Dancing with her boyfriend instead of being held up in the air for everyone to watch.

Apparently the dance teacher was dared by her sister to recreate the scene and she thought she could pull it off because she's a dance teacher and her boyfriend is a big guy, but in the video below you can see what went wrong!

The dance teacher put a little too much of her weight forward and she fell and landed on her head. The teacher's already had a CT scan and she didn't have any damage besides some bruising, but maybe we put a ban on the Dirty Dancing move?

(NY Post)

Photo Credit: Getty Images