A City In Alaska Will Be Completely Dark For The Next Two Months

Silhouette buildings against sky with water in foreground at night

Even though 2020 has been a bummer, just be glad you don't live in Utqiagvik, Alaska because the city will be in complete darkness for the next TWO MONTHS!

The city enjoyed its last 34 minutes of sun around lunchtime on Wednesday before the ‘polar night’ set in, which means that they won't see the Sun until the end of January and this happens because of the way the earth tilts on its axis, leaving parts of the Arctic and Antarctic facing away from the sun for months at a time. 

The area will continue to see some sort of dawn but the sun will remain below the horizon so they won't know if it's day or night by just looking up at the sky.

The plus-side for residents is that the inverse happens over the summer and Utqiagvik will see endless daylight from May 11 until August 18 so at least they can get their tan on then!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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