Wedding Dress Is Getting Roasted Online For Having A "Rose Wedgie"

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding day is no simple task and we already know from Rose and Riley's experiences that it can be scary even when you have the dress.

Case in point this bride who got her "dream wedding dress," but it's being roasted online for one of its biggest features: a rose bouquet decoration on the dress' backside.

You can see the dress in question below, but while the top half of her dress is fairly traditional with a corset bodice and rose accents on the shoulders, it develops into a full-bodied skirt with, bizarrely, a group of chunky roses sewn directly over her butt.

The main group that has been roasting the dress is a wedding shaming group on Facebook, but they're making fun of the dress because it looks like the bride is holding her bouquet of flowers with her butt with the dress.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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