There's Now An AirBnB-Like App For Swimming Pools

This might be the greatest app idea that you know you have thought of during coronavirus, but someone has actually made because there's an AirBnB-like app just for renting pools!

Thanks to coronavirus a ton of community pools and beaches have been shut down, but the new app Swimply is here to help you rent out a pool and get your tan on.

The app works sort of like AirBnB where you essentially rent a swimming pool by the hour instead of the day and if you own a pool you can even add extra amenities like a grill or fire pit for an extra charge.

The app's userbase has increased by over 2,000% over the pandemic and if you have always wanted a pool on-demand then you need to try the app out.

You can download Swimply HERE to get your pool time on!

(NY Post)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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