He Went to the SpongeBob Show Without Me! - War of the Roses

Allison recently went to our iHeartRadio Music Festival and wanted to go with her boyfriend Bryan because she knew he could get free room and board because he works with casinos in Vegas a lot. When she asked Bryan, he suggested that Allison bring two of her friends with them so that he could do work while Allison went and had fun. They eventually went to Vegas together and when Allison came back from a fun night she found receipts to a different hotel and SpongeBob Squarepants show in Bryan’s pants. When Allison follows up the next day she follows Bryan to a different hotel and finds him with another woman!

We call Bryan pretending to be flower shop owners and when we ask Bryan where he wants the flowers sent to he asks if they can be sent to a city in Nevada! He also asks that the message apologizes for the “witch” interrupting his bedroom activities. Find out what‘s going on in all new War of the Roses!

The Kane Show

The Kane Show

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