These are the Dating Trends of 2019!

If you needed some goals for 2019 to achieve/what not to achieve then get ready for this because the dating terms for ALL of 2019 have been revealed and we've barely even started the year!

According to dating experts, these terms will define some of the dating habits people will most likely exhibit throughout the year. Use these to your advantage early on so you can recognize when you're in these types of situations. Check out some of our favorites:

  • Pocketing: When you’re hiding the person you’re dating from the public for good OR bad reasons
  • Cookie-Jarring: When you ae keeping someone around just in case it doesn’t work out with your Plan A person
  • Prowling: When someone ghost you for a while, but then comes back around like nothing bad happened between you
  • Orbiting: When your relationship dies out and ends, but they still poke around on your social media and throw you likes every now and then

Now get out there and make 2019 the year you don't get hurt in a relationship!!



Photo Credit: Getty Images

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