What To Know About The Viral Beauty Hack, 'Slugging"

Winter is a time when most people deal with dry and cracked sin. It’s the worst! The latest viral skincare hack dubbed as “slugging” may offer a solution to this. Slugging involves coating your face overnight in petrolatum, or Vaseline, to moisturize your skin and reveal a natural, dewy glow in the morning.How does slugging work?

  • You can use any thick, ointment-based moisturizer like Vaseline, Aquaphor, CeraVe Healing Ointment, or Cetaphil Healing Ointment.
  • Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky, a board-certified dermatologist recommends applying a thin layer of ointment as the last step of your nighttime skincare routine. "
  • She says slugging works to keep skin moisturized and hydrated all night long. It also acts as a protectant and can help prevent further water loss by locking in hydration.

However, you should be aware that slugging isn’t for everyone.

  • Petrolatum is a pore-clogger and can irritate acne-prone skin which could potentially make you breakout.
  • If you have oily or sensitive skin, slugging may feel heavy and greasy to you.
  • You should also avoid slugging when using any active ingredients like retinol, retinoids, alpha-hydroxy acids, or beta-hydroxy acids, which "can cause more irritation and sensitivity by locking these strong ingredients on your skin,” according to Zubritsky.

Source:USA Today

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