The Latest International Dating Trends

Being single is far from easy, and that’s true no matter where in the world you live. So, how is dating different across the globe? Well, a new survey set out to find out.

A poll by finds:

  • 70% of all singles turn to dating apps to find love.
  • But what they do once thy connect with someone is another story.
  • Apparently, folks in North America are the chattiest, with singles in the US exchanging about 30 messages before meeting in real life, while Canadians wait until they’ve exchanged as much as 100 messages.
  • The French seem pretty open to long distance relationships, with 63% willing to travel an average of 70 miles to meet a date.
  • 82% of singles are open to moving internationally if they find love.
  • And language isn’t a barrier for some with 38% of people willing to date someone who doesn’t speak the same language as them.
  • Another 72% would be open to learning a new language for love.
  • And singles in the UK seem to be quite generous to dates, with 45% saying they send gifts to potential dates before an in-person meet, while singles in most other places wait until or after the first date.
  •  And when it comes to spending money on first dates, those in North America spend the most, on average about $300, followed by Europeans, who spend about $150.

Source:Yahoo Finance

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