The Ages You Peak At Everything In Life

It might feel like we’ve been robbed of an entire year because of COVID-19 but here’s the good news. According to a new study, we’ve still got plenty of good years to look forward to. CashNetUSA has identified the ages when we’re the best at certain things and it turns out we all still have lots of peaks to look forward to. Here are some of the biggest milestones in our lives.

  • Early Years. Sorry, but the research shows you will never be as good at crying as you were at six-weeks old. Your best temper tantrums days are also behind you. Those peaked when you were two-years old. And it’s too bad you didn’t have that second language app you’re currently struggling with back when you were seven because that’s when you had your best chance to absorb a new dialect.
  • Adulthood. Turns out our brain processing levels peak at 18, but our minds do keep growing. At 22, we’re the best at remembering names and at 31 we’re at the height of our chess-playing abilities.And here’s something to look forward to.The study found we won’t hit the peak of our vocabulary until we’re 71years young.
  • Love And Happiness.If you’ve been striking out on dates and you’re in your early twenties, just hold on. The average age someone meets the love of their life is 28. And ladies, you should be looking forward to turning 40. The study found that is the peak of your unhappiness levels, but after that, your happiness only increases until well…you know.

Check out more milestones and peaksHERE.

Source:The Ladders